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Are you looking for answers about the comics industry or making a career in the arts? Seeking support in your creative practice? Are you stuck on a project and wish you could get some guidance on overcoming creative obstacles? Do you need someone to help keep you on task with regular check-ins?

I’m happy to offer private coaching sessions for solo creatives or creative teams! I can provide things like advice on writing/art/comics, industry intel, prompts or assignments to help you improve your craft, or a custom schedule to help bring your project to completion. This can be a one-time meeting or a regularly scheduled session to address your goals.

What you’ll receive depending on your needs:
A personalized coaching plan
– Single or multiple sessions via Zoom or Discord chat
– Assignments, prompts or a creative strategy
– Opportunity to brainstorm
– Follow-up support emails

30 min coaching session – $50
1 hour coaching session – $100
Schedule 4 hourlong sessions at once – $350

If you’re looking for longterm coaching and are an author of color, check out the Unicorn Authors Club where I coach writers and graphic novelists over the course of 4 months to a year.


If you’d like to request coaching, you can email me at sloaneleongart (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Coaching.” Please include the following information:

‍- Your name and whatever background you’d like share about yourself or your work
– Questions you’d like answered
– Obstacles you’re struggling to overcome
– Goals you’re struggling to meet
– Material you need help with (a writing excerpt, sketches, a query letter, submission packet, your synopsis, an outline, etc)# of sessions you’d like

All feedback will be delivered during our coaching session. Written edits and comments are not included but you’re welcome to take notes during our meeting. If we move forward on collaboration, payment will be 50% upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion of the session. If you identify as BIPOC, houseless, incarcerated or are otherwise marginalized, let me know; I’m happy to adjust pricing according to your situation.


‍ “Full disclosure: I interviewed Sloane years ago for a graphic novel release so I knew her long before I attended her Dream Foundry art workshops and decided to reach out to her for comic consulting advice. She has remained consistently insightful about how the world of comics, webcomics and graphic novels has changed and how best to navigate it on limited time. Sloane knows how to provide specific points of improvement with consistent encouragement.”
– Priya Sridhar, Cartoonist

‍ “I’m so glad this mentorship took into consideration genre and the business of writing. As a minority, I didn’t feel like I always had access to the business side of publishing. To have someone knowledgeable I could bounce ideas off of in real-time was invaluable. Also, with Sloane specifically, she helped me understand how to use my voice in my writing in a way that’s both measured and meaningful.”
– Beatrice Iker, Fiction Writer [Ancestral Futures Mentorship]

‍ ‍“Sloane’s insight into story structure is absolutely invaluable. Sloane intuitively carved the rough spots off my outline, leaving me with a well-rounded gem to polish. Her edits were easy to understand, and helped me identify areas of narrative that needed special attention, so I can make my story clear and comprehensible for readers. I received a vital outside perspective to push my writing to its fullest potential. I would recommend Sloane to anyone looking for an honest and comprehensive analysis of their drafts and outlines.”
– Heiko, Cartoonist

“Getting mentored by Sloane and Leslie was one of the best things that happened to my comics journey! From someone who created comics without a structured process (if it’s done, it’s DONE), they helped pinpoint how I can make my story better: developing characters, plotting, paneling, character acting, and more. I learned so, so much in a short amount of time and was able to create both a tight outline and a few sample pages – eventually leading me to my amazing agent!”
– Tori Tadiar, Cartoonist [Salt & Honey Mentorship]

“I highly recommend being mentored under Sloane & Leslie! I learned a lot from the time I spent with them. I learned how to think about the flow and formant my comics a lot more as well as writing a more developed and well thought out story/plot. They really helped me feel confident in the work I was developing!”
– Ayanna Johnson Steptoe, Cartoonist [Salt & Honey Mentorship]

“The mentorship was such a big help for me, it motivated me to take my graphic novel project and feel brave enough to properly look and work on it. Back when I applied, my story felt like a hard to approach, very tangled mess; the mentorship gave me the clues to get out of my head and make sense of my ideas and goals. Leslie and Sloane’s perspective, advice and criticism on my writing and art was honest and encouraging while taking my personal taste, drawing style and goals into account. I’m still working on this project but now it seems like an adventure I can tackle, so I’m very grateful for the experience!”
– Gabriela Gutiérrez, Cartoonist [Salt & Honey Mentorship]