published by Image Comics

Far from the border of colonized space, a newly discovered planet teems violently with a strange psychic life and puzzling telekinetic ecology. Vep, a refugee raised away from her devastated home planet as an indentured citizen in a foreign colony, is taken by a private military firm to assist in settling the new planet. What awaits her will test the limits of her will as she grapples with the strange power the planet exerts over her...

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"Leong finds fertile ground in the fractal-like parallels between the biological and the cosmic; the pulsing, luridly vibrant world she crafts would look equally at home under a microscope or through a telescope." - The Comics Journal

"Prism Stalker is a comic overflowing with imagination, balanced with a high level of craft and storytelling expertise that makes every choice confident and specific...a remarkable next phase in Leong’s journey, and it’s a leap forward that showcases her ambition and skill." - AVClub

"[Leong] has pulled out all the stops with Prism Stalker. A stark departure from her previous indie comics, this book is a dazzling, iridescent form of alien life. It is almost certainly one of the most outlandishly original comics put out by Image, and a testament to the publisher’s dedication to creative freedom. It’s a glowing dollop of true indie-comic imagination." - Doomrocket


published by First Second

Summers always seem to burn bright and fast for Ren but never faster than when she met Luna. Daring and independent, Luna and Ren spend their last middle school break together, only to have their short whirlwind friendship end with Luna's sudden move away and all without a goodbye. Two rough high school years later and Ren is being forced to join a basketball team for her poor school record with a crew of other misfits or face expulsion...and as quick as she left, Luna is back and ready to play too. Cliques, bullies, gangs, crushes, rivals and basketball: summer is back with a vengeance...

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Nominated for the 2021 Eisner and Ignatz Award

"Sloane Leong’s A Map to the Sun (First Second) is a rich tapestry of complex emotions and ideologies that reach past the slice-of-life genre or basketball bildungsroman its trappings suggest...Leong’s sublime coloration transcends both panel and page borders to shine on and warm the reader, extending the storyworld’s and the characters’ emotional landscape beyond the book and into our own through the sensual connection between book and reader." - The Comics Journal

"Leong elevates the classic ragtag-sports-team narrative by giving her characters grit and gravitas, and rendering their world of malls, convenience stores, and slumping apartment buildings in brilliant reds and purples. In multiple panels, she positions a bright orange basketball like the sun: the thing that pulls them into its orbit and illuminates the group in full electric color." - Publishers Weekly

"The juxtaposition of offbeat, surreal coloring with frank, deeply relatable writing supercharges the story with energy and emotion, showing the immense creative potential of breaking from reality to embrace the full color spectrum." - AVClub


published by TKO Studios

Isla lives along in a large mansion deep in the woods. Her house has seen its share of blood horror, and the depths of the human soul. Isla has hired the young Marie to help her keep the big house tidy, but Marie brings demons of her own into Isla's domain. Cursed with sentience, it is destined to observe the terrors that lurk inside each and everyone of us.

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"An expert blend of writing and art creates a wonderful spell to fall under." - Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, Sara)

"GRAVENEYE is a lush, blood, gothic feast. A Kaleidoscopic mix of desire, hunger and revenge. Home is where the transformed heart is." - Paul Tremblay (The Cabin at the End of the World, A Head Full of Ghosts)

"Graveneye digs deep into the pain of its main characters, respecting it but refusing to shy away. It is both raw and calculating, thoughtful in how layers are peeled back to reveal the truth of each character and the world they occupy... [and] artist Anna Bowles’ work commands attention and elevates the story to something more visceral and powerful." - AVClub

"From Leong's hypnotically precise narration to Bowles's starkly beautiful inks and handwritten lettering, Graveneye is one of the year's best horror comics." - Screenrant



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