- A Saint Between the Teeth - Forthcoming from Lightspeed Magazine
- With the Blade as Witness - Interzone (2023) - A full-length novella. Originally a short story published by Dim Shores (2022)
- The Blade and the Bloodwright - Lightspeed Magazine (August 2023)
- Paradise - Expat Press (2022) - Print edition in Death in the Mouth: Original Horror from People of Color (2022) and chosen for BRAVE NEW WEIRD: The Best New Weird Horror, Volume One (2023)
- Echo Park - RealmFM (2022) - A 9-episode audio drama starring Nikki Tuazon and Harry Shum Jr, written by Millie Ho, Monte Lin, Curtis C. Chen, myself, and Jenn Reese.
- Stars May Hunger, Suns May Still - Snaring New Suns: Speculative Works From Hawai'i And Beyond, Bamboo Ridge #122 (2022)
- What Was Your Inspiration? - Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine September/October Issue (2022)
- What Salt Will Bring to Bear - Dark Matter Magazine Issue 008 (2022)
- Are You A Vessel? - The Dread Machine (2021)
- Drifting From Her Lunar Ruin - Dark Matter Magazine Issue 002 (2021)
- Mouth and Marsh, Silver and Song - Fireside Magazine Issue 87 (2021) - Spanish translation by Crononauta
- A Billion Bodies More - Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity Anthology (Third Flatiron Publishing, 2019) - Reprinted in Dark Matter Magazine Issue 001 (2021)


- The Nature of a Natural Future - Apex Magazine: Issue 126 (2021)
- You can find comic reviews and cartoonists interviews I've done over at the Comics Journal.
- I also try and share writing semi-frequently on my blog.


- Rules of Engagement - Enclave, Entropy Magazine


- Death in the Mouth: Original Horror from the Margins - Death in the Mouth is a crowdfunded series of illustrated horror anthologies showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world published and edited by Sloane Leong and Cassie Hart. Volume 1 was published in October 2022 and Volume 2 is forthcoming October 2024.


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