Writing Samples

Below is a selection of writing samples written across formats including short fiction, TV screenplay, audio drama, and more. Please do not share these writing samples publicly.

You can also see my complete public prose bibliography here and comics here.

Echo Park published by Realm FM

Realm is the largest scripted podcast network that creates immersive, original fiction podcasts and audiobook series. I wrote for for this series starring and executive produced by Harry Shum Jr. (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “All My Life”) which launched August 2023.

This pulse-pounding crime thriller takes place in a lightly futuristic world where Echoes—genetic clones of their sources— exist and live on the outskirts of society. James (Harry Shum Jr.) and Terrance share DNA, but they aren’t brothers. They aren’t even friends. As a civil advisor for the LAPD harboring a secret addiction, James relies on Terrance— his genetic clone—to help him pass mandatory drug testing. But when Terrance suddenly goes missing, and multiple clones end up murdered, a case of mistaken identity forces James to inhabit his double’s life, risking the unraveling of his carefully composed lies.

Click here to read the script here.

More Adventures of Turning Red published by Random House Disney

I was commissioned to write four spin-offs comics based on the Pixar movie Turning Red. I worked with the director and editorial team to make sure the stories accurately reflected the tone of the movie while also coming up with new directions the story could take.

Click here to read one of the scripts.

Prism Stalker TV Pilot Screenplay

A TV adaption of my sci-fi comic series Prism Stalker, originally published by Image Comics and currently published by Dark Horse Comics.

Click here to read the screenplay.

A Saint Between the Teeth published by Lightspeed Magazine

A short speculative fiction story following a salamander scholar and an ant monk.

Click here to read the story.

Toca Boca Screenplay for Toca Boca

Toca Boca is a Swedish children’s mobile video game developer. I wrote several episodes for the animated series based on their game which is currently in production.

Click here to read one of the episode screenplays.